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Defining Spam

Email is a critical and effective means of communication for groups like legitimate marketers, publishers, non-profits and small businesses. All users suffer when inboxes are clogged with mail that is unwanted and unrequested, i.e. Spam.

Technically, "Spam" is defined as Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE). But beyond the technical definition, there is confusion: What email is wanted? What constitutes permission?

The answer is simple: If you are not 100% sure as a list owner that you are using an email address for the purpose for which permission was given to you, you are probably sending Spam.

Write About Now has a strict policy against Spam. We feel a responsibility towards strict enforcement of permission-based practices. When a subscriber complains, they are unsubscribed from a list, and these subscriber complaints are investigated and often result in termination of a List Owner's account with us. This policy will tell you about the tools we give List Owners to help make sure their email is permission-based, and will let you know how we enforce our policy.

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What You Should Know as a List Owner

Write About Now offers a free list-hosting service. Write About Now follows strict permission-based email policies to insure that mail is only sent to subscribers who have asked to receive it. We have invested heavily in extensive measures to prevent unsolicited commercial email from being sent through our services.

We require that you abide by our strictly-enforced Terms of Service. These Terms state that Write About Now will not be used to "transmit, disseminate or upload spam, chain letters, junk mail or any other type of unsolicited mass email..." In the event that Write About Now determines that a List Owner is sending email to subscribers who have not given permission to receive it, Write About Now has the right to delete a customer's list and terminate their use of the Write About Now service.


There are several precautions that we take to prevent the possibility of Spam:

  • All email sent by Write About Now must include an "Unsubscribe" link that automatically removes the recipient's address from that list.
  • Any subscriber email addresses that are publicly displayed are encoded on our sites to ensure that email harvesters are unable to collect them.
  • Write About Now supports and provides administrative tools to make it easy for anyone to moderate their own list. This allows List Owners to serve as a Spam filter on their own lists.
  • Write About Now prohibits email sent to Role Accounts. Role Accounts are specific email aliases, such as that are reserved by convention to be used by departments, job roles, or distribution lists for groups of people. If you know of any of your subscribers using a role account, please let them know that they should use a personal email address or another email account to subscribe to your list. If you have any questions specifically on role accounts and Write About Now's restriction of their use, please email us at:

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What You Should Know as a Subscriber to a List on Write About Now

Unsubscribing from Mail Sent Through Write About Now

We provide One-Click Unsubscribe Links in every email we send. You, as a subscriber to mail sent through Write About Now, can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Write About Now email. Your email address will be automatically removed from that mailing list, although it may take up to 24-48 hours to process.

If our systems are temporarily down or you suspect, for any reason, that your email address has not been unsubscribed upon request, please email our customer support team at:

How to Send Us Spam Complaints

If you feel that you've received mail sent through Write About Now that you did not request, please forward a copy of the email to our Abuse Team at: Also, if you suspect someone of abusing Write About Now's services, please let us know by emailing us at this address so that we can take the appropriate steps.

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What All Users Can Expect from Write About Now

All users can expect that we take Spam very seriously and have spent great efforts to restrict its presence on our services.

Know that we've taken many precautions and have provided many tools to our List Owners to ensure that our service be used to send mail to only those recipients that have requested it.

Know that we make unsubscribing for any Write About Now list as easy and quick as possible. We mandate that unsubscribe links be included in every email sent from our service and we make it possible for subscribers to remove themselves from all lists sent from any of our services.

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