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Bulk Email

Bulk email campaigns can be extremely versatile, as it can help you keep in contact with your clients letting them know about your services and products, however it can be done in several ways.

In order to determine which way suits you best, answer the following questions:

How many email newsletters am I planning to send?

If less than 100, creating a newsletter campaign and sending it through a desktop application such as Outlook Express could be your best and lowest cost option.
If you are going to send newsletters to more than 100 contacts, you should consider a dedicated email marketing tool, such as Write About Now.

How often do you plan to send your email marketing newsletters?

The problem with using your Outlook Express regularly for bulk email is that it will be using your broadband connection to send the campaigns, and most of broadband providers have a limit of traffic you can use and they do not normally allow bulk email on a regular basis.

Write About Now offers the option of sending a one-off email newsletter campaign, or if you wish to keep in touch with your contacts frequently, you can choose one of our packages.

Do you need to know who has viewed your email newsletters?

One of the best ways to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns is finding out if they have been opened, if the links in it have been followed or if they have been forwarded. The only way you can get this type of statistics is by using an email newsletter tool. Write About Now has statistics reports that will provide you with all these details and more. By having access to real time statistics, you will be able to determine what strategy works best and stop wasting time creating bulk email campaigns that do not produce results.

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