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Write About Now's online email campaign manager allows you to create and sent personalised campaigns with a click of a button. You can access our tool from any computer connected to the internet, at any time, day or night, just by logging into to our secure online control panel.

Most of email campaigns get blocked by spam filters and never get seen by the receiver, however Write About Now’s email campaign manager has a feature which analyses your email for known spam keywords and the report shows you exactly what needs to be changed. This is to ensure your campaigns reach your subscribers’ inboxes avoiding the junk folder as much as possible.

Our email campaign manager also offers an Autoresponder feature. Autoresponders are emails which get sent to a contact after they've been on your list for a certain time, for example 24 hours, 2 days or 2 weeks. This feature allows you to never forget to follow up a contact, making sure you don’t miss a business opportunity.

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Easy to use email campaign manager

Through our built-in advanced editor you can make changes to your campaigns, such as formatting the content, adding images and links, and more. Write About Now email campaign manager is very easy to use, even for those not used to online tools, and it gives you full control over your email campaigns.

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