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A one-off email marketing campaign may generate some enquiries, but for best results you should consider regular email marketing campaigns.

Write About Now can help you with both cases. We can design a bespoke email marketing template to match your company brand and colours and can send it to your contacts as a one-off. We will then supply you with statistical information, telling you how many of your contacts have opened the email and how many have clicked on any links.

Choose our Intro Pack and you will be able to send personalised email marketing campaigns as often as you like each month and to as many contacts as you like.
Our autoresponder feature will help you follow your contacts with marketing messages, at specific times, say in 24h, 2 days, 3 weeks, etc.

If you want to send bespoke email marketing campaigns each month, choose our advanced pack. Give us your text and we will design and send a new e-newsletter every month to match your email marketing campaign and message.
If you don’t have the time to write your messages, we can do that too.

Why use Write About Now for your email marketing campaigns?

Write About Now is a professional, affordable and easy to use tool, which will fit any budget and requirement. We have worked with hundreds of SMEs, helping them get the most out of their email marketing campaigns.
To join our happy client base, give us a call on 020 8543 4320 to discuss your specific requirements or email us for more information.

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