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Could you add something interesting or informative to our blog?

Our guidelines are:

  • The posts must be unique, between 450-2000 words and written just for Write About Now blog.
  • Your post must be relevant – covering all things email marketing, writing or blogs, web pages, articles or general marketing tips and suggestions.

We do not accept promotional posts. We allow up to 2 links within your post one of which has to be a branded link promoting the author and both links will be a ‘no follow’.

For alternative options, please contact us.

You must have the copyright of any images you supply. Alternatively, free images can be used as long as they are credited to the right body.

If you’d like to post a guest blog contact us by emailing info [at] artdivision [dot] co [dot] uk giving us a brief outline of the article and suggested title or by filling in the form below:


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